Conference Registration

Registration Fee

Registration Feeon Fee
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Regular Authors
700 usd
50 usd
Student Authors
500 usd
50 usd
MECS Authors
300 usd
50 usd
Attendees without paper
300 usd
Keynote Speaker
Ukrainian Authors

Note: The author registration fee includes 1) Paper presentation; 2) Conference program; 3) Certificate of presentation or attendance; 4) Conference proceedings; 5) Lunch; 6) Refreshment breaks.

Payment Methods

1. All registration fee shoud be transfered to RAMECS, which will financially support the conference ICCSEEA2018.

2. Wire Transfer Instructions:

To register by bank transfer, present the following information to your local bank to process a wire transfer.

Please click the "Account Information" to find the transfer information.

You can write your paper id on bank receipt, and kindly send the Registration Form, the Scanned Receipt of your bank to:

3. Credit card: You can also make payment on Paypal or Alipay after receiveing acceptance/invitation letter.

Payment Rules

1. The calculation of registration fee is according to the piece of accepted manuscript of one author. If one author has one accepted paper to present, the payment is 500 USD. If one author will present two or more accepted papers, we will consider giving him/her a discount of 100 usd for the second paper.

2. If an accepted manuscript is the production of more than one author and all authors intend to attend the conference, each of them (except the corresponding author) will have to pay the attendance fee 150 usd individually.

3. After complete the registration payment, the ordinary VAT invoice as a proof of payment will be issued.

4. The registration fee will not be refunded for any reasons.